Who are HU Associates?

HU Associates is a long established team responsible for the successful delivery of over a hundred video and multimedia training solutions.


With extensive experience in a number of sectors, HU Associates specialises in the development of training and communication solutions for the nuclear industry.

We also partner with specialists in the development of human performance, behavioural and cultural change, producing short drama style films, typically for use in classroom facilitated learning.

Management team

The three founder members of HU Associates have worked together for many years, so we understand each other well and as a team we’ve designed and produced award winning training and communications packages.

Graeme Kitto

Frank Shearn

Simon Bolus

Video Producer, Director and Editor


Creates the visual impact of our products.

Instructional Designer and Project Manager


Designs the training, writes the scripts and makes sure that our products meet our clients’ needs.

Programmer and Graphic Designer


Produces graphics and programmes the products so that they operate as our clients wish.

How do we work?

We believe that producing an excellent product is not enough.


We’ve built our reputation on the quality and openness of all our interactions with our clients during their product’s design and production.

Our clients trust us to do our best for them. To do that we:


  • listen carefully to establish their requirements.
  • always meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • care about our clients, colleagues and suppliers – their success is our success.
  • approach our work with creativity moderated by pragmatism.
  • take great pride in the work that we produce as individuals and as a team.
  • when working on clients sites we respect their rules and conduct our business with absolute professionalism.


E: info@hu-associates.com | T: 01772 613955


All images, photographs and video clips on this website were produced by HU Associates Ltd