Fire Safety and Awareness

Fire is probably the most significant threat to almost any industry and in particular to the safety of its employees.


The nuclear industry is no exception, so a major fire at any nuclear establishment could have the potential to pose both a national and international environmental catastrophe.


With this in mind, our work is designed to raise awareness that a fire could occur at any time, anywhere, be that on a nuclear, coal or gas fired power station or in the company offices.


One of our films tells the story of two people who are new to the company and how, over a period of 18 months, their paths cross. Circumstances and occasional poor practices combine to result in the death of one of them in a fire.

Film Samples

Film Special Effects

EDF Energy’s Fire Prevention e-learning is designed for delivery in two ways:


  • to an individual at a learning centre workstation
  • to audiences in a classroom facilitated by an instructor.


Classroom delivery is most often used during an “Outage”, a period in which electricity generation stops for plant maintenance. At such times, hundreds of contractor personnel need to be trained quickly so that they can work safely on the station in line with the company’s expectations for Fire Safety.

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