Other products

As well as training materials HU have also delivered other product types such as posters, printed materials and one 'stand out' project being an exhibition stand.


We're pretty proud of the exhibition stand, it was created for Torness Power Station. Mimicking the theme of the BBC’s “Doctor Who”, the innovations introduced at Torness  were showcased in a conference stand with a Tardis Theme.


The innovations were displayed with a supporting video that tells the story of Doctor Who needing replacement relays for the Tardis. The old relays were obsolete and the replacements must be tested before installation.


Both the fully functioning relay and testing equipment were designed by Torness staff and were installed in the stand.

When the correct relay was selected the Tardis “took off” with the usual lights and sounds we all know.


Part of the story refers to “printing” a relay. This was illustrated on the stand by a 3D printer that created various objects, including the famous Dr Who sonic screwdriver.


At the annual EDF Energy NG Challenge in February 2014 Torness competed with numerous other stations and departments and went on to win first prize for 'the best stand'.  The team (and stand) then went on to exhibit in Paris, for the EDF (Électricité de France) event.


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