Public awareness of the need for “security” in public places has been growing in recent years. Though many may not aware of it, the need for security at work has been growing even more quickly.


Cyber attacks on company, public organisation and government computer systems are an almost daily occurrence, whilst attacks on personal computer systems and mobile phones are now the favourite means of generating income for criminal gangs.


The theft of corporate information and access to corporate computer systems is a potential threat to the safety and security of personnel as well as the safe operation of a plant. In our work to raise awareness of this situation, we have enacted realistic and plausible fictional scenarios in which thoughtless and possibly naive actions lead to problems for the organisation and serious consequences for the individual.


The need to protect information minute by minute during the working day has never been more important.


What happens when work and home life overlap on the internet? This short film shows employees how threats to security have evolved to include the use of social media and the internet.


Shown as part of a monthly briefing, the film is designed to stimulate observation and discussion.


It is intended to help staff develop a “healthy unease” about the digital footprint that they create and how it could be used against them and their employer. The film has a sense of realism with an observational feel.

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